Sunday, September 20, 2015

What Now?

On August 5, the Kickstarter project concluded unsuccessfully. Because I was unable to meet the goal of $70,000, was unable to raise any of the money pledged to the building project.

So now what? Well, there's an answer to that.

The good news is that over 60 people pledged a total of $11,500 tot he project, and while I wasn't able to collect it, it did show me what was possible. I will be staying in touch with those backers to keep them up to date on developments as the project moves forward. And move forward it will. How?

Well, there is the classic business approach. I am putting a business plan together and will present it to the bank soon. Once I secure the backing of the bank, I will mount a new project on Indiegogo to raise as much as possible. Because Indiegogo is a flexible funding platform, I will be able to collect whatever funds I raise regardless of the actual goal. The goal will be far smaller and so more achievable. that should help guarantee success. Any funds raised through crowdfunding will go to finish off the building - drywall, heating and a couple pieces of equipment that will be needed and are not directly related to construction.

So things are in a holding pattern for a short time while I get the business plan finished and ready to go. I hope you will stay along for the ride because it's bound to get even more exciting!