Monday, June 25, 2012

Sign of the Times

Three signs,really. Four if you count the "open" flag. And the times are indeed a-changing.

Here I present the new sign that now hangs at the end of the driveway into the shop. For decades it stood at the end of the brick pathway and had the Rowantrees sign hanging from it. That sign is now resting in my showroom space although it will probably end up at the Blue Hill Historical Society at some point.

The sign post got lowered somewhat in the move, so the bottom sign is uncomfortably close to the ground, but a new sign bracket will take care of that.

Clay arrives tomorrow. I am glazing madly right now to stock the shelves. Orders have started coming in. It's starting to look like pottery season!

I hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Big Change

Some things can be planned on pretty easily. Other things make perfect sense even though they don't occur to you right away or someone else has to point them out.

Another era is coming to an end. Starting in July, customers will no longer be able to follow the brick path to the pottery shop. There will be new residents in the house once occupied by Sheila Varnum and their privacy needs to be respected. The path winds very tightly around the house - and right past many of its windows. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want complete strangers walking right past my windows and through my yard all day long, so I can't expect someone else to feel differently.

The pottery entrance will now be at the back of the building. The sign has been moved to the driveway at the lower end of the property. Drive up that driveway and you will find plenty of parking space and what used to be the employee entrance to Rowantrees.

It's the customer entrance now. It will take some time to reverse almost 80 years of customer habit, but I want to be a good neighbor.