Sunday, August 17, 2014

29 and Counting

Countdown to move: 29 days to go. I stopped in at the pottery today mostly because I was firing a glaze kiln and it's always a good idea to be present when the kiln should be shutting off. I did a little bit of glazing, but that wasn't part of my plan so I stopped and turned my attention elsewhere.

I had some customers stop in despite not being open (I never refuse people entrance if I am there). It resulted in a nice sale, so no regrets there.

Then I started packing up the greenware area. I finished trimming two large flaring bowls and four small urns - one of which will hold the ashes of my kitty Sophie, who passed away in March. Then I cleaned up the wheel and throwing tools, packed everything in boxes and unplugged the wheel.

That proved an oddly emotional moment. I didn't get teary-eyed or anything, but pulling that plug seemed a whole lot more profound than, say, pulling the plug on my vacuum cleaner. The wheel and all the throwing tools now sit out in the middle of the floor awaiting further marching orders.

Speaking of orders, I went over my order book again to make sure every current project is on track to be completed in the time I have left. It's going to be tight, but I will finish what I have started.

It looks like I may have a home for the ton of clay that needs to be kept from freezing. Now to call storage facilities to see what I can round up for the equipment and inventory. That's tomorrow's task.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

30 Days and Counting

Countdown to move; 30 days to go. I have finished any throwing I needed to do (I insist on making an urn for my kitty's ashes) and will trim those pieces early next week. A bisque kiln comes out today to be immediately replaced with a glaze firing - which will be followed immediately by either another glaze firing or another bisque.

I'm also starting to rearrange the house to find space for 27 50-pound boxes of clay. I have space in my kitchen workshop (there's a reason I'm single), but all that clay in one spot won't be good on the sills. Time to jettison some furniture I'm not using.

Spoke to the local paper about this yesterday. No ire, no complaining. Nothing but thanks for the property owner who, after all, has allowed me to use this space for five summers rent-free. As much as I wish I could have had better notice, I can't be mad at her. We both knew this day would come.

Just wish it hadn't been so sudden. Now, off to the pottery. I have a busy day ahead.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ready or Not

My how things change - and not always for the better.

I have been given less than one month to vacate the building in which I have been operating since 2010 when I first opened my doors. I will be finishing up any projects that are currently in the works and will cease production until I can find or build new facilities. I guess the time for the Kickstarter campaign has come, if a bit sooner than expected.

For now, I am in dire need of storage space. Any assistance and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Once that is taken care of, what stock I have will continue to be available online or by phone. But I will not be able to accept orders for items I do not have until further notice.

There will be further notice.

Wow. Just as things were really starting to warm up.