Saturday, August 16, 2014

30 Days and Counting

Countdown to move; 30 days to go. I have finished any throwing I needed to do (I insist on making an urn for my kitty's ashes) and will trim those pieces early next week. A bisque kiln comes out today to be immediately replaced with a glaze firing - which will be followed immediately by either another glaze firing or another bisque.

I'm also starting to rearrange the house to find space for 27 50-pound boxes of clay. I have space in my kitchen workshop (there's a reason I'm single), but all that clay in one spot won't be good on the sills. Time to jettison some furniture I'm not using.

Spoke to the local paper about this yesterday. No ire, no complaining. Nothing but thanks for the property owner who, after all, has allowed me to use this space for five summers rent-free. As much as I wish I could have had better notice, I can't be mad at her. We both knew this day would come.

Just wish it hadn't been so sudden. Now, off to the pottery. I have a busy day ahead.

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