Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Clay is Coming!

I ordered a ton of clay a couple weeks ago, and I'm hoping it will arrive sometime this week. That will kick things off.

A ton may sound like a whole lot of clay but believe me, a potter can go through that much pretty quickly. In one year at Rowantrees I threw exactly 11,000 pieces with an average throw weight of about 2 pounds. That would be about 11 tons in one year, so I'm still working small here.

The signs of spring are beginning to show themselves. The weather is warmer - if wet - and with Mother's Day came my first sale of 2011. It was just a bud vase, but there's something emblematic about selling anything after a hiatus of several months.

It helps.

Research and reformulation are still the top priority, but bisque production will need to start up right along with that. But before any of that can happen, a lot of cleaning up is in store. This week, it starts.

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