Friday, July 22, 2011

The Return of Jonquil Yellow

Customers have a way of keeping me on my toes. Every now and then I wish I could get one step ahead of them, but I think it's better to let them lead on occasion.

So it is with color. I had a plan for the order of things where it came to reformulating the Rowantrees glazes. I would start with the most popular colors and combinations and then work on those that sold less well historically. Some I wouldn't bother with at all for the time being. I set about working on what I think of as the essential palette of Oyster White, Heather Blue, Turquoise, Moss Agate and Ducks Head. I was deep in the Ducks Head process (you can expect an announcement very soon!) when I got a note from a customer asking about Jonquil Yellow.

Yellow? Ok. Jonquil Yellow it is.

To be honest, yellow is not one of my personal favorites, and it never really sold well when I was at Rowantrees. But people did buy it and those who did really loved it. And before I knew it, at least two other people had asked about it.

It really didn't take long. In fact, I got a great Yellow out of the first batch of tests. And because it is based on the Oyster White formula, I know already that it will fit the clay body without complaint. So production in Yellow has started. Here is a sample form that first test set.
Make exception for the daylight lighting. There will be far better photography when the next load comes out of the kiln.

So, high on my achievement, I announced to the customers who had asked about it that the Yellow was again available. I haven't heard anything from them as yet,

But three people have since come into the shop to ask if I had anything in Evergreen.

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