Sunday, July 3, 2011

What a Difference a Clay Makes!

Well, the change to a new clay has proven to be an incredibly good decision. Let's see if I can remember all of this off the top of my head...

In only four weeks of production, I have thrown:
60 Jam Jar Lids
114 Jam Jars
50 Jumbo Mugs
50 Coffee Mugs
60 Cocoa Mugs
100 small Saucers
30 Dinner Plates
30 Luncheon Plates
80 Bud Vases
12 small Cream and Sugar Sets
24 large Cream and Sugar Sets
12 large Covered Baking Dishes
50 Bread & Butter Plates
12 Butter Covers
30 Chowder Cups & Saucers
50 Ramekins
12 Pasta Bowls (Actually, I made more than that but had to throw some out)

If I wasn't so excited about this, I'd be exhausted. But it's amazing what you can do if you don't have to focus any energy on fighting with your raw materials.

Well, for the most part.

A new clay carries a few surprises with it.The process of discover and recover goes on, but the issues that arise are not unfamiliar ones to any potter.

In addition to the activity at the pottery itself, I have been moving forward with tile project at home. Here is a picture of a small run of the Portland Head Light tiles. They have been coated with a thin layer of white slip (called an engobe) that will make decorating them easier. They aren't in production just yet, but it won't be long. I have come a long way with them but there is a ways to go.

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