Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moving On

Last year I wrote about needing to move out of the space I have been using and said I had to be out by the end of the year. Then I updated that to state that I had been reprieved and could stay for the foreseeable future.

In June of this year I was told that the property was being put up for sale but that nothing would be happening for at least a year. No panic. That would give me plenty of time to make some plans and let people know what is happening.

In July, I was told that things might be going a bit faster than expected, and next April would probably be the deadline to consider. Well, that's not far off from a year from now, so still, no panic.

In early August, I got a letter via certified mail informing me that I would need to be out of the building by September 15.

Time to panic. But still, I didn't. I just started making plans. What else do you do?

A few days later, I got a phone call telling me that I had until November 15.

The emotional roller coaster ride is over for me. If someone told me that I could stay at the Rowantrees building for another year at this point, I would still be moving out. There comes a time when you just have to step out and figure your way from here.

So what is my way going forward?

Shortly after getting the first notice, I stopped throwing new pots. From wheel to glaze firing, it can take several weeks to finish a pot, so there isn't much point in starting new ones. As of this writing, my wheel and all of my throwing tools are packed up and ready to go into storage.

Right now I am glazing for all I'm worth. I have a lot of bisque ware just waiting to be turned into finished product and I'll get as much of it done as I can.

As I finish each part of the process, the tools and equipment used for that part are getting packed up and ready to move to storage. The finished inventory will be the last to move.

Don't misunderstand me. I am NOT going out of business. Everything I have will be reflected on the website and will be available for purchase. For all intents and purposes, the coming cold season will be just like the last four. After everything is in storage, I will turn my attention to the Kickstarter campaign. I will need to raise $175,000 to build the new studio space.

Believe me, you will hear from me when the time comes!

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