Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moving On

Today is October first, and although I have been given until November 15 to vacate the old Rowantrees building, I have agreed to try and be cleared out by October 31. Starting tonight, I will be chronicling my daily progress as I finish what work remains to be finished and pack up everything that needs to be moved.

Tonight I finished the last of my glazing and stacked what will be the penultimate kiln firing. There will be one more firing and then everything will be finished. At least, everything I glazed will be finished. I still have a whole lot of bisque ware, but that will be boxed up and put into storage. Once I have relocated, it will take little time to complete that work.

It was a melancholy moment glazing that last pot. It was a ramekin in yellow. I looked at it for a moment and told it that it would be the last piece to be glazed in that building after 80 continuous years. It should feel honored. I felt sad.

Day one down, 30 left to go.

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