Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 16, 2014: Day 16

Sometimes getting out of bed is not the best of ideas. But I guess you have to do it no matter what.

Today was not the best of days. I know bumps are a major factor in any road, particularly in those roads that lead to unknown destinations. While no road is altogether smooth even at the best of times, Today's could have come a whole lot closer without losing its entertainment value, I'm sure.
Earlier this week I made a commitment to rent a truck. The big moving day is Saturday. Not only did I make the arrangement, but I poured over inventory and equipment coming up with the best way to load the thing given the itinerary I have planned. Yup, it was all there. Until it wasn't.

Today I came to the understanding that every candidate I had in mind for a helper wasn't going to be available. One after another told me that they couldn't help. An offer broadcast widely on Facebook - along with an offer to pay well - also yielded nothing.

Then I got a call from U Haul telling me that I would have to drive 36 miles to pick up the truck I had reserved only 15 miles away from Blue Hill. They charge you for each and every mile you drive those things, so I didn't see the economic sense in driving about 72 miles in an empty truck if I didn't have to. Reservation cancelled.

Now I really had nothing to work with. And I have a suspicion that everyone around me knew things weren't going well. I don't do a great job of keeping that sort of thing a secret, I must confess.

Fortunately for all of us, both ambulances were busy all day, so I had the whole office to myself to stew in.

In the end, I drove to the Penske place and found it quite easy to reserve a truck that would be available at that site,, one hour earlier than U Haul, and rather less expensive. Should have tried them out first.

Later in the afternoon, I got a text telling me that I had a solid prospect for assistance. Details to be discussed tomorrow.

So that's a relief. But I'll be even more relieved when Sunday dawns and I can sleep in for the first time since early July. I need some extra sleep time. Really, I do.

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