Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014: Day 3

Well, I guess you can call this progress. As promised, the kiln was unloaded and its contents finished and stocked. Mostly yellow mugs, but some green and one large Duckshead flaring bowl.

Unfortunately, that flaring bowl ended up in the seconds pile. I'll probably take that one home for myself. There was a small glaze blowout on the inside that makes it unsalable. Oh well. Most of the rest was just fine.

I stacked the last kiln and set it to firing. Right about now it should be finishing up with the preheat and getting on with business. It will fire tomorrow and get unloaded on Sunday. Then the kiln will be decommissioned until I find it a new home. **sigh**

After that was done, I set to work packaging up the raw materials. It's another bucket dance as I put dry powders into shiny new buckets to be transported to storage. Some unopened bags will go into plastic bags, but there aren't many of those.

And of course, everything has to be properly and legally labeled. I have set about the task of getting that taken care of. I have always been pretty meticulous about my material safety data sheets, and I have a program of my own design that will print out labels in OSHA-compliant format. What labels I don't already have will be done and applied by Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow is clay day. I will spend as much time as I can recycling clay and packaging it up for transport to heated storage. Lord, I'm going to have a lot of that by the time I'm finished. that's a good thing because I won't need to buy clay in for quite some time. It's an expense I don't need in the coming year. For now, though, it's called sweat equity.

Day three down, 28 to go.

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