Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 8, 2014: Day 8

The Packing boxes arrived today and I set about packing up mugs even as I was pugging batches of recycled clay. There is still a whole lot of that to get processed and boxed up, but it should be finished within the next couple of weeks.
But boxing up pottery also became an order of the day. I packed up a lot of mugs and got them ready to go to storage. I'm keeping a careful record of exactly what goes into each box and the boxes are numbered. I have an inventory sheet for each box and a master spreadsheet that tells me what items in which colors can be found in which box. The idea is to be able to find what I want (read 'what a customer wants') very quickly.

Regardless what happens in the coming months, the website will remain up and in business. I will be putting some serious time into the site as I want to start using stock control features that will allow me to display only items that I have in stock. Items will also have an inventory count that will be automatically adjusted when items are sold. If I should sell out of an item, it will disappear from the website.

But that is a matter for a few weeks from now. Right now, it's still moving time. Tomorrow will be spent packing up stock and traveling to the storage unit. Five boxes packed so far. It hardly looks as though I've scratched the surface.

Day 8 down, 23 to go.

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