Monday, October 13, 2014

October 12, 2014: Day 12

I probably made more progress today than any day so far. At long last all stock that is headed for the storage unit is boxed and ready to go. It's all inventoried, organized and recorded as well. There were 33 boxes in all, most of them full to the brim. I will post a picture of them tomorrow. I forgot my camera today.

Tomorrow I will start packing up the stock intended for fair sales and other such events. I'm planning on doing some craft fairs (the sort you have to pass a jury to get into, that is), and generally circulating anywhere I have an opportunity. So there is still a fair amount of stock left to pack. Most of it will load up pretty quickly, though.

After that, the bisque will need to be boxed up. That won't take very long because 1. there isn't a whole lot and, 2. I don't have to pack it quite as carefully as the finished work.

Yesterday I managed to process a couple hundred pounds of clay. I have one more barrel to get through and that is the only part of this little adventure that has me concerned. I may be packing unprocessed clay into smaller buckets and storing it if I can't get all of it done, but that's not a big deal. I just don't want to toss out or leave behind any clay I can make use of. The stuff costs way too much for that kind of waste.

Next weekend I'm planning on doing the truck rental thing. Then it will be moving day in earnest. I expect I'll have the thing for a couple of days and if I'm lucky, I can get a couple people to help me with the heavy stuff.

After that, it will be clean-up time. All of the seconds and irregulars that I have had in the showroom will be smashed and hauled to the dump. They're not top quality, they take up a lot of space that I don't have in the storage unit, and I have no desire to haul them around. I'm sure a new collection of toss offs will eventually emerge.

I'm recalibrating my countdown because I will be leaving for South Carolina to visit with my dad on October 28. I need to be done before that. I have an appointment with a client on the 25th during which they will pick up their new dinnerware set. I would like to think that when I turn the key in the door after that appointment, it will be the last time I set foot in the place. Sad, but we must all evolve. So...

Day 12 down, 13 to go.

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