Friday, October 17, 2014

October 17, 2014: Day 17

It's hard to believe that October is more than half over. Lately it has felt more like June. I am not complaining about that; I'd be perfectly happy if it felt this way in January although I know that would be catastrophic for our planet - and by extension, us.

But the warm weather has served to make a difficult task just a little bit easier. I have reprocessed all of the clay that I could, leaving only one 5-gallon bucket of liquid clay that has to be protected from freezing. I now have about 2,300 pounds of clay to store. That will give me a huge boost when production starts again. I will not need to buy clay for at least a year.

Everything I intend to sell at some point is packed and ready to go. All of the bisque likewise. And today I did something that proved as cathartic as it was sad. I took a hammer and smashed every second and irregular piece on the shelves with a small number of exceptions. "Why?!" you may ask. Well it's pretty simple.

I keep the seconds and irregular items to sell for half price. They made for my largest single sales day this year, although I do believe the 30% sale on top quality items did it's share as well. But a large number of the seconds have been sitting on those shelves for five years not getting sold. When something sits on your shelf for that long, it's not making you any money. It's costing you money. Why would I want to pack all of that stuff up and lug it around when it has a proven track record of not selling?

Nope. Smash. So now I have 8 boxes of shards to take to the demo pile as soon as possible. I'd say one pickup truck load of trash and I'll be pretty much done. That feels good.

I plan to take Sunday off and spend as much of it lounging about in bed as I can. Then I will rise, go to breakfast (I eat breakfast out on Sunday morning) and then go back to bed when I get home. It will be bliss for one day.

Monday the remainder of stuff at the pottery will be redistributed. The glaze buckets will come home so I can use their contents over the winter. I'm still looking for someone with a kiln, but truth be told, I haven't really started searching yet. Too much else to do right now. First things first.

I'll report on the events of tomorrow when all is said and done.

Day 17 down, 8 to go.

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