Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2, 2014: Day 2

Today was a little "off." I had truck duty at my full-time job, which is unusual for me. After over 26 years as an EMT and then paramedic, I have shifted into mostly administrative work and spend most of my time doing compliance, policy and financial stuff. But today I donned a uniform and prepared for whatever might come.

Nothing came. Now, here's the thing. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is far more exhausting to spend a day in an ambulance station waiting for the call that never comes than it is to be running calls back to back all day. The stress factor of waiting around is far greater than diving in and using those skills you spent so many years sharpening.

So it was no surprise to me that by 3:00 p.m. I could not keep my eyes open. And yet, I needed to head out and tackle stuff at the pottery. I changed clothes at the station and dragged my weary body up the hill with no real enthusiasm.

Once I got there things changed a bit. But the work I needed to do was not something I particularly enjoyed; dismantling things. Yup, I gotta face the fact all over again that it's moving out time. It's just inertia, really, and it can be overcome.

The kiln I unloaded yesterday was waiting to be finished up and put onto the stock shelves, so I did that first thing. The kiln I fired today was cooling off. That will be opened tomorrow on my way to work. It's mostly yellow just as the last firing was mostly green. Tomorrow afternoon, I will stack one more kiln and that will be it for production.

The next item on the agenda was to dismantle the glazing equipment. I packed up air hoses, spatulas, "chucks" (items used to hold pottery while glazing it), bowls, pitchers, and various other bits and pieces. The spray gun came home with me and the rest of it went to the storage unit. It all went far smoother than I anticipated, which leaves me wondering what I forgot.

Tomorrow I will at least start packing up the raw glaze materials. Some will go to storage, some will go home. Keeping my head focused on which is which will be a challenge, but the way I'm storing things, they can all be reconfigured as needed.

Day two down, 29 to go.

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